Friday, 12 February 2016

Teacher`s Guide

Learning and development is a Process and it Takes Time For Children To Learn,Teachers should Develop Such a Safe and Thoughtful Learning Environment in Which All Children Can Learn,It Requires Such Teaching Activities and strategies That All Student Have Active Participation in The Learning Process,It Requires The Teacher To Encourage Children`s Efforts and Acknowledge Their Success,it is also the Responsibility of teachers to Deal with Student Misbehaviours During Learning Process By Using Timely And Positive Strategies,This Teaching and Learning Resource is Designed to Help You Become a Good Teacher.

The Traditional Classroom   

Most of The Teaching in our Classrooms is Done In a Traditional Monologue way,The Children Sit Quietly in Rows in The Class Rooms,The Teachers Does All The Talking And The Students Passively Listen To The Teachers, They Speak Only When Called on To and Do Exactly as They are Told.Research Shows That When Students are Taught in This Way,They Get Very little (about 5%) of The Knowledge.Research Also Shows That The Learning of Students Improve a Lot When Their Active participation is Ensured.
In a Traditional Classroom, The Learning Capabilities of Most Students are limited Merely to Cop What Is Written on the Board And They Are Not able to Actively Process the Information Trough Thinking,Comparison And Analysis.Due To this Limited Mental Ability,Students Lose Interest in Learning.Another Reason is that Teachers do Not Vary Teaching Style to Suit The Requirements of The Subject.

Research Shows That:

  • Students Learn more When Asked to do something than just learn information.
  • Students Learn More By Actively Participating in Observing,Speaking,Writing, Thinking,Drawing,and Doing.
  • Learning Is Enhanced When student Applies His/her Knowledge for Benefits to Himself and Others.
  • Learning Style of Different Children Vary And Teacher Should Design Activities and strategies accordingly.
  • Knowing about learning Styles can Help teachers plan lessons,assignment and activities.

Effective Involves

  • The Use teaching Tools,Techniques and strategies,An understanding of how students learn,how they process information,motivates them learn more,and what impedes the learning process,creating effective learning environments where are actively participating and engaged with the material,The use of different instructional strategies for  the development of skills,values and psychological health,Ask questions,encourage students to question,engage students in individual pair,or small-group activities,Discussion is way to engage students in thinking and analyzing and defending an issue,students respond to one another better than interacting with teacher,Fun and demonstration in class room stimulate students interest  and curiosity,Students Learn By Acting and observing.some students act a scenario and other watch discuss.Students work together in small groups.during this group work,students cooperate with each other,it maximizes their learning and they get the learning objectives through interactive dialogues,it enable the students to frame questions,gather information,analyze it and draw conclusion..

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